Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who Do You Tweet to When @Twitter @Support Is Your Problem? Please RT.

Twitter has been an essential platform for me in building my professional learning network and share ideas. It also has come in handy when seeking customer service support. Especially when I need support from large companies like airlines, utilities, cable, and more. 

For the past few weeks the customer service support I am seeking is support with Twitter. For some reason when I post a link or photo Twitter thinks my message is automated and will not allow me to send the message.  

Here is an example: 
save image

I Tweeted to @Twitter @Support.  I also filled out tickets to which I receive this response:

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The issue is recognized by Twitter:

save image

But the message above is only connected to developers.

Nothing I do has worked so far.  Twitter's customer support seems to not exist. 

When Facebook Live stopped working on my Facebook account, I wrote about that and the feature was restored that after being inactive for a few weeks. 

I am hoping writing this post about my inability to Tweet photos or links will have an equally positive outcome.  If you have any ideas, (please!!!!) share in the comments.